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A LeanStartup project.
Using the LeanStartup process, an MVP (minimally viable product) is put up so that the community of users can push development. Reactions and choices are carefully monitored so that the service grows to meet the real needs and desires of the community.

The upside is that its evolution is natural and organic. The downside is that, in the beginning, only early adopters will love it., because it is so primitive.

Validation of improvements are done almost entirely by soliciting input from the users, through forums, email and telephones. Over time, the research technologies will evolve to be more sophisticated.

In LeanStartup development, nothing is taken for granted. Everything must gain approval. In this initial MVP, the following features are being subjected to user acceptance testing.

  • One-a. A registration process that asks only for contact information.
  • One-b. A registration that asks for contact information as well as primary interests and where members would like to get improvement.
  • Two. A Games area. Think of it as a practice field, where writers are treated like athletes. They learn fundamentals, work out, form squads, scrimmage and, ultimately, put their skills to the test against outside competitors. There are many elements, including basic rules, that will be subjected to testing.
  • Three-a. Forums with preset discussion areas.
  • Three-b. Forums with no preset subjects.
  • Four. Google hangouts.

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