Game Fields

The playing fields and tables will be built here.

I will build a variety of games, practices and competitions.

The site is in development, so at this time, my goals are simple:

  • members can enroll in events
  • bookings can be acknowledged
  • hangouts are created and used


for our first games:

Skills Improvement Games

Business Games   ====================================================

For future games, I have a number of ideas and I’m open to suggestion. The forums are very inspirational and many of the Unboxed videos lead me to ideas. The mere existence of the unboxed improv is inspirational, for example. Beats and character and location development are obvious areas that can be deeply mined.

But there are non-writing skills as well. Project management, typography, dealing with collaborators,  editors and publishers, even accounting, can all be addressed. Comments here, as well as in the Forum, will help guide the growth of the site.

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