Happy Hour


This page is the Happy Hour page. It exists to provide a place where we can meet and get to know each other.

I am trying to use Google Hangouts to enable us to meet face to face. I will create hangouts for this purpose at 6 PM on Friday, Saturday and Monday. You can enroll to attend any of these. And feel free to enroll in two or even all three!

I will use the enrollments to start enough hangouts to handle the rush. No shortage of bartenders!

Enroll in Hangout Saturday, 6-8 PM EDT

Enroll in Hangout Sunday, 6-8 PM EDT

Enroll in Hangout Tuesday, 6-8 PM EDT

Now, believe me I know that the site is very crude. I haven’t even bothered deleting the ‘Hello World!’ post that came with WordPress. For an explanation, see the Site Development Page. I hope you will explore the entire site and I encourage your frank comments.

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