As a writer, there is so much I don’t know. That’s why I joined the Fiction Unboxed project. Not only do I need to improve my skills, there are additional resources I need. They are hard to find.  And it is even more challenging to find opportunities to collaborate.

Why not design a site that challenges writers in the specific skills needed in their craft? A site that encourages writers to collaborate with each other while doing so? A site that deemphasizes the ego driven, competitive nature of writing for publication and focuses instead on the creation of opportunities to share with each other?

This site is dedicated to improving the social values of writing. Values that are often looked take center stage as we look for opportunities to improve one’s own skills and to share information. Naturally, since most writers want to be published, the site has a goal for achieving publications, and envisions doing so in the company, and with the cheers, of fellow writers.

The concept for this site came from an exchange of comments in the “Fiction Unboxed” project.

  1. David Blake says

    I’m getting increasingly curious about finding associates and forming collaboration systems. You guys often refer to people like “Asana” and I wonder how you met? Ignorance alert: is there such a thing as an Guild of Authors’ Managers and Handlers?

    • Sean says

      Hey there David,

      Asana is actually our project management software. Finding people is very, very difficult. We’ve been needing an admin forever, but don’t have one because it’s so difficult to effectively integrate that person into our existing systems.


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