Front Page

The Writers’ Wrestling Wring
is a Guildhall.

It has three primary Goals:

  • help people get their work published.
  • promote collaboration and fellowship.
  • Grow each member’s strengths.

This guildhall gives writers a place to gather, to advertise their skills, improve those skills, meet other writers, see them in action, collaborate and, in general, propel themselves into a more rewarding and lucrative career.

It exists so that the members can find greater success as published, self-supporting writers. It seeks to find outlets for publishing and garner the highest rewards for its members’ work.

There are forums of the usual sort, where you can discuss any matter. As usual, anyone can read these but only members can post. The initial forums reflect the forums in “FU“.

There are Meeting places in the ‘Club House’.  …  Art Favorite Tipple  …   Formats  …  Pen Names

And there Games where you can improve your skills and meet others as they improve theirs.

Within these pages, you will be able to enroll in online meetings with other unboxers using Google hangouts. It works this way: in the room or field of your choice, enroll in an event. At this end, I will count the enrollments and create enough circles to accommodate. (Please note that I do not havethis automated and it may take a while and I may fuck it up. I ask for your patience as I work it out.)  You will get an email notifying you of the meeting. If you don’t get that notice, tell me about it in the ‘forum/errata‘.

Three things:

  1. enroll as many times as you like, in as many meets as you like (once per meet, of course).
  2. remember: enrollment is only a notification to me. it is not automated (yet).
  3. Don’t feel obligated. Enroll even if you know you can’t attend. It’s a vote as well as an intention.

Together, we will develop the tools which will help you promote your strengths and move beyond your weaknesses. You will find others who share your talents, locate people who have the strengths you lack, and secure the services you need to publish your work.

Again, it’s all up to you. This is your Guild.

Raise Your Voice Above The Din